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Screenwriter & filmmaker




Jan was born in 1996 in Rabat, Morrocco and grew up between Barcelona and Cairo. Since young age, he has shown great passion for cinema and writing, starting to write short screenplays and shoot family short-films just at the age of eight, during summer vacations.


At the age of 18 he moved to Toulouse, France, were he took a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Creation and a Master's Degree specialization in Directing, both at the National Audiovisual Gradute School (ENSAV). 


Jan has written, directed, produced and edited many short fiction and documenary films, inside ENSAV's cinema school framework but also by his own account with the help of friends and family.

His works of fiction are very much inspired by the magic realism of literary authors such as Pere Calders and Franz Kafka.

His most achieved short films involving that genre are "Le Petit Homme" (2020) "La Mante" (2019), "Le Désert" (2018) and "Vampire d'Encre Noir" (2017).


Jan's passion for writting dates from a long time ago. He started with short stories and novels during his childhood in Cairo, and continued throughout his teenage period in Barcelona.

Today, apart from screenwriting his own short films, he also applies his story-telling skills to other projects and medias, such as "Isthmus" (2019) a documentary mini-series about migration and asylum, and two interdisciplinary shows "Alliezah" (2018) and "City of Scarves" (2021), both of them  about social and humanitarian issues that touch him. 

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